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Field excursion

On Wednesday the 6th of April we will visit and discuss:

  • The extensive inter‐tidal sandbar system in the Menai Strait, populated with numerous smaller-scale dune and ripple systems.
  • The Newborough Warren, which provides a large-scale coastal dune environment, forming the hinterland of a barrier beach/spit system. The beach has inter‐ and sub-tidal sandbars, a recurved distal end with numerous sand bars, overwash fans and deposits, etc.
  • The Anglesey Sea Salt Centre for a guided tour: charcoal-filtered seawater is drawn from the Menai Strait around Anglesey, and the famous "Halen Môn" is hand-harvested here. Before the water even reaches the Salt Cote, the natural environment  has already provided two filters: a mussel bed and a sandbank.

MARIDV Field Trip Overview Map

MARIDV Field Trip Map

Newborough Beach, Photo Courtesy of Alejandro González

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